Key Personnel
  • Patricia Roppolo - President
  • James Roppolo - Vice President
  • Nathan Roppolo - Head Superintendant for masonry and restoration projects
  • Darryl Powell - Head Superintendant for waterproofing projects
  • Ken Moss - Head Superintendant for renovation projects
  • Nasario Garcia Jr. - Lead Mechanic
  • James Garcia - Lead Mechanic
  • Justin Roppolo - Project Manager
About Us

A-Tex Waterproofing was founded by James and Patricia Roppolo in 1976. In A-Tex Waterproofing infancy, the company's primary focus was waterproofing and joint sealants on new commercial construction. A-Tex Waterproofing has evolved from new construction to historical restoration projects.

In 1997 A.T.C. Services was established as a subsidiary to A-Tex Waterproofing for general construction jobs. Today, A.T.C. Services has combined with A-Tex Waterproofing to form A.T.C. Contractors. As a company in whole, A.T.C. Contractors has over 150 years of waterproofing and and joint sealant experience, and over 100 years of historical restoration experience. A.T.C. Contractors has been involved in some of Central Texas most noteworthy restoration projects. Their work encompasses residential, commercial, churches, schools, and institutional buildings of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries.